Founded in April 2012, Cliever Tecnologia entered the Brazilian market to revolutionize the three-dimensional printing industry, offering innovative solutions related to the printing of objects. The company is a pioneer in the development of 3D printers nationally and with low cost. CLIEVER Technology has as its flagship the CL-1 printer, a machine compatible with any 3D modeling software.

Established in 2002 and located in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, production and operation of degradable polymer materials, such as PLA and Polymorph. ESUN owns three different R&D centers, which specialize in material syntheses, modification and application.

With almost two decades providing prototypes in Brazil, Fastparts has several rapid prototyping technologies featuring Laser Sintering, which uses the raw material Polyamide with or without fibers. It also has Abs Deposition with filaments that print parts any geometry, Numerical Command Machines for making prototype molds, Reverse Engineering and Dimensional Control of German technology for the development of digital models.

The GTMax3D CoreAB series printers have high-performance, speed and reliability. They all have a closed chamber to allow printing of large parts even in ABS, without cracking problems. They also have exclusive features such as end-of-filament detection with semiautomatic switching without losing the impression, allowing full use of the inputs. With speed of movement of 400mm/s and printing of 120mm/s, it prints in half the time impressions of its competitors. Currently the series has the models CoreAB 300 with printing volume of 300x300x300mm and CoreAB 400 with 400x400x400mm.

With headquarters in Brazil, Makertech Labs is a company founded in 2015 that seeks to discover and develop materials that make it easy for anyone to turn creative ideas into reality. For over 4 years developing affordable solutions for the Brazilian market, and 9 years working with prototyping in Dentistry, the founders of Makertech Labs are at the forefront of creating and formulating resins for 3D printers in Brazil, being the first genuine chemical industry Brazilian company to manufacture such supplies, focusing on all markets, but mainly jewelry and dentistry. We are looking to deliver what the 3D printing community has been demanding from amateur to professional use and we hope our consumers find the product ideally suited to their projects.

Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite The suite includes all Materialise software solutions for professional manufacturers in high-quality industries and enables them to create applications that comply with the highest, most demanding standards of their industry. 3D Printing has evolved into a real, industrial manufacturing technique adopted by a wide, ever-growing range of industries. When manufacturing end parts, every step of the process needs to be controlled and managed. As a result, Materialise developed several premium software solutions to support top companies worldwide with their exciting ambitions. These solutions are now bundled in the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite. With the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite, manufacturers can: Create the best designs for 3D Printing Prepare files for 3D Printing Get the most out of their 3D Printer Manage the Additive Manufacturing production process Connect to the Materialise Cloud “We believe that the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite can offer our customers a complete software backbone for 3D Printing in a professional environment. It’s our ambition to let the suite grow alongside the needs of any industry adopting 3D Printing. We are passionate about our collaborations with different players in- and outside the 3D printing eco-system to continuously raise the bar of Additive Manufacturing,” explains Stefaan Motte, Vice President of Materialise. Materialise software is the industry standard for 3D Printing in service bureau environments, small and large, and successfully entered the industrial manufacturing scene. Leading machine manufacturers including Arburg, Concept Laser, EOS, Renishaw, Stratasys, Trumpf, and many others are already powered by the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite that enables them to bridge the gap between 3D applications and 3D printing machines.

Raise3D Inc. is a worldwide designer and manufacturer of professional 3D printers, with its headquarters in Shanghai, and the american office in Pasadena. With partners in more than 50 countries, Raise3D not only provides professional 3D Printers, but also 3D printing solutions to many fields. In October 2015, Raise3D had released its second generation FDM 3D Printers N series on the world's biggest crowdfunding platform -Kickstarter-, and raised 445,892 USD from 348 backers. The campaign was considered the most successful Prosumer 3D printing project in the Kickstarter history. In 2016, the N Printers were also awarded the best 3d printers by Maker. Raise3D's objective is to renovate traditional manufacturing and improve human life with the 3D printing technology.

Renishaw is a global company that specializes in measurement, motion control, spectroscopy and precision machining. We develop innovative products that significantly increase our customers' operational performance - from increasing production efficiency and product quality to maximizing research capacity and increasing the efficiency of medical procedures. Our products are used in applications as diverse as machine tool automation, coordinate measurement, additive manufacturing, Raman spectroscopy, machine calibration, position reading, dental CAD / CAM, shape memory alloys, large scale data acquisition, Stereotactic neurosurgery and medical diagnosis. In all these areas we want to be a long-term partner, delivering superior products that meet customer needs today and in the future, based on dynamic, specialized technical support.

Specialized in technology solutions, focused on the innovative development of electronic products, Sethi has been in the market for 15 years. Today, through its Sethi3D brand, it is dedicated to the development, research and manufacture of high performance and high quality 3D printers, using the best in the market in its printers. Sethi3D uses state-of-the-art technology in its products to offer the user a great 3D printing experience.

SKA introduces the new F123 series of Stratasys 3D printers for rapid prototyping. SKA's highlight for this edition of the event will be the new series of Stratasys 3D printers with FDM technology: the F123 series (F170, F270, F370). They are high performance industrial level machines that fit easily into office environments. They are the only machines in the world that carry accessible materials such as PLA and advanced materials such as PC-ABS. They are easy to use due to the new GrabCAD Print command platform, which eliminates wasted time in file conversion and STL preparation, and is fully in line with the Advanced Manufacturing concept, with the possibility of wifi connection to other machines, where you can track the status of the printed parts as well as the amount of material the printer still has, in real time, via phone or tablet.

Tekna is the world leader in plasma induction technology. For more than 25 years, it specializes in development, design and construction of integrated plasma systems for the synthesis of nanoparticles, coating applications, and plasma treatments in powders such as spheroidization and purification for processes ranging from research and development to industrial scales. This technology is well suited for the production of high purity metallic beads dedicated to Additive Manufacturing (MA) such as Ti64, W, Mo, Ta, and others.

UP3D offers the most renowned technologies and the best worldwide brands, recognized for excellent quality of products such as 3D printers, special filaments and 3D scanners. UP3D was founded in 2002 with solid expertise in additive manufacturing and reverse engineering. The company also operates with 3D printing services and has all the infrastructure and know-how to serve various markets with products that offer the best in technology and innovation. In this edition of the event, UP3D brings many releases, such as UPmini2, with unique UP design, Wi-Fi, touch panel and HEPA filter. The new UPBOX + also has new features such as the new printhead that allows for more robust printing with much more quality in addition to Wi-Fi communication. UPStudio software brings new features such as nozzle temperature and printing table temperature adjustment.

A Wietech ind. Com. Ltda has been operating in a specific data communication sector (CNC-Numerical Control by Computer) since 2008. It now launches in 3D printing, based on the innovative "Makerslide" technology, which allows the creation of rigid, robust and smoothly precise mechanical structures that make this technology the fastest in its class. Our first release at the fair will be the famous "Hadron-USA", increased to a usable volume of 12 liters (20 x 20 x 30 cm) printing, and with several benefits compared to the original technology. It will also launch a printer considered one of the largest in the world (1m3), with the same technology.

With great dreams and incredible growth potential, 3DCloner printers have been on the market since 2013. They are 100% Brazilian-made printers, manufactured in Marechal Cândido Rondon - Paraná. Indústria Schumacher, manufacturer of 3DCloner, is ISO-9001 certified in all its products, thus bringing quality and safety to the 3DCloner brand. Thinking of a qualification of service for all demands of the 3D printing market, 3DCloner counts on a network of authorized retailers throughout the national territory, ready to serve our clients. 3DCloner - More than a brand, a certainty of satisfaction.

3D Procer is a national company focused on the worldwide trends of the 3D printing market, which aims to offer the best in innovation and technology. Committed to the quality of its products and customer service, the company has its own production of its machines and filaments and to this edition of 3D Inside Printing will bring a mix of products, launches and incredible news.

3DPrint.com is The Voice of 3D Printing Technologies, covering all the latest 3D printing industry news along with in-depth editorials and investigate reporting. Additionally 3DPrint.com offers resources for 3D printing professionals and enthusiasts alike, including the largest 3D printing message board, www.3dprintboard.com, as well as outlets fore-commerce, webcasts, white papers, online education and more.

3DPrintBoard.com - Discuss 3D printing, get technical help, learn about the technology and more at the world's #1 3d printing discussion forum.

3DPrinting.com provides a home for 3D printing fanatics, DIY enthousiasts, students, engineers and industry professionals. On 3Dprinting.com you’ll find general information, news, product reviews, use cases and technical guides. You can shop for products in our store and look for jobs on our job board.

Attendees are eligible for 30 days free access to 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, the peer-reviewed journal providing a forum for world-class research in additive manufacturing and related technologies. The Journal explores emerging challenges and opportunities ranging from new developments of processes and materials, to new simulation and design tools, and informative

3D Printing For Beginners is the one stop shop for information and resources to get started in 3D printing today. For more information, visit http://3dprintingforbeginners.com

3D Print Pulse brings together the best daily content from 100 recruiting/staffing industry thought leaders, including Phillip Cotton, Leslie Langnau, Simon Ford among many others. Using the social media activity of the entire reading audience, our proprietary curation engine ranks this content so that our readers always get the best and most relevant stories. Join 15,000 other 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing professionals. Visit the site, subscribe to our newsletter and see what your peers are reading.

The 3D Printing Channel is not only a destination for videos, articles and more for 3D printing enthusiasts, makers, designers and professionals but also a site network and conglomeration of business, marketing, PR, management and finance executives, all with marketing, media and management expertise. The 3D Printing Channel can help your 3D printing business. The 3D Printing Channel is the official media partner of 3D Printing Ventures and the Association of 3D Printing, the largest trade association in the industry.

3D Printing Industry is the leading online news service and authority on additive manufacturing. With over 5 years of reporting on 3D printing behind us, we are the first choice for comprehensive, accurate and up to date news about all aspects our industry. This year 3DPI will host the 1st Annual 3D Printing Industry Awards. Please visit our site for more information. 3Dprintingindustry.com.

Additive Manufacturing Today; Additive Manufacturing Resources Including Industry News, Videos, Events/Trade Shows and Companies Using Additive Manufacturing For End Use Parts.

Eletricidade Moderna magazine records monthly the advances and trends of electricity technology, from generation to use of energy. Since 1972, Eletricidade Moderna has been an instrument of information and consultation of great utility for the whole electro-electronic market. Thanks to its editorial work and strategic initiatives, such as the holding of technical meetings, surveys, shopping guides and special publications, Eletricidade Moderna has become the main reference for professionals and companies in the sector.

Launched in August 2015 as a special edition of Eletricidade Modern, FotoVolt quickly became a reference in photovoltaic energy. This led Aranda Editora to transform FotoVolt, as of November 2015, into an independent publication. The prediction is that by 2024, about 700,000 commercial, residential and industrial consumers will have installed photovoltaic panels on their roofs to transform sunlight into electricity, which shows the huge growth potential that the sector will have in our next years. In this land of abundant sunshine and fares at high altitudes, producing electricity is not only possible but advantageous. FotoVolt comes to follow closely and to be part of this story.

FUNDIÇÃO E SERVIÇOS is a monthly publication of Aranda Editora, specialized in the casting technology of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Areas of coverage: casting, modeling, molding, machining, finishing, metering, control and automation of processes.

HYDRO is a technical magazine dedicated to the industrial use of water and effluent treatment, public water and sewage systems and pre-ground hydrosanitary installations. It also addresses other issues related to the management and use of water, such as reuse, stormwater drainage, remediation of groundwater, etc.

Since 2010 as an important source of news about 3D printing and 3D printers. Find information, relative content and know everything about 3D printing. Regional locations of 3d printing companies, service providers and 3D filaments and printers. Click and see where to find printers and make 3D prints.

ManufacturingTomorrow.com is an Online Trade Magazine featuringProducts, Companies, News, Articles and Events for the AdvancedManufacturing, Factory Automation & 3D Printing industries.

MÁQUINAS E METAIS is a monthly publication with 50 years in the market, specialized in metal machining processes. It also covers automation of machining, manufacturing management and quality control, among other topics related to the shop floor.

The journal Industrial monthly plastic published by Aranda Publishing, specialized in the processing of polymeric materials, addressing aspects related to the development and applications of these materials. Areas of coverage: Formulation, transformation, characterization, application and design of parts in polymeric materials. Raw materials, machinery and equipment for the processing of polymers. Production automation and quality control.

Prototype Today is an informational resource website for 3d printing, rapid prototyping and manufacturing videos, news and events. The site contains over 3,900 videos broken down into 50+ categories for easy access. There are also over 4,000 articles and press releases available to search by a variety of criteria including company, most recent, tags, most popular and by month.

RTI - Redes, Telecom e Instalaciones is a monthly technical magazine, aimed at professionals in IT, networks and telecommunications. Its editorial proposal is to cover both infrastructures (facilities) and communication technologies - from data centers to long distance backbones; From traditional voice services to security, mobile and multimedia systems; From copper cable lines to optical and wireless communications. An indispensable publication for the perfect deployment and operation of networks, whether large corporations, operators or service providers.

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