Registration / Prices

Frei Caneca Convention Center

Rua Frei Caneca, 569 – São Paulo, SP

Date & time: June 10, 12.30pm – 7pm

Date & time: June 11, 8.30am – 7pm

  Até 30/04 Até 30/05 Até 09/06 No local
3D na Saúde
11/06 – 10 às 18h
US$152.00 R$550,00 R$620,00 R$670,00
3D na Educação
10/06 – 13 às 18h
US$152.00 R$550,00 R$620,00 R$670,00
3D na Industria
10 e 11/06 – 13 às 18h
US$152.00 R$550,00 R$620,00 R$670,00
Combo US$197.00 R$750,00 R$850,00 R$950,00

This event is open only to industry professionals and the press.
• Permission to enter is subject to approval by proving and/or confirming your professional activity.
• Your credential is for personal, non-transferable and compulsory use.
• Entrance of children under 16 years of age, even if accompanied by caregivers, is not permitted for safety reasons. This prohibition includes breastfeeding babies.
• Entrance will be barred for people wearing regatta shirts, shorts or sandals of any kind.
• Every participant in the event is aware and agrees that the event organizer has the exclusive right to use images (photos and video) of people, booths and products for publication at any time.
• Photographing and/or filming of booths and/or products is not allowed without prior authorization.
• No animals of any kind or size are allowed, with the exception of guide dogs for the visually impaired – for which prior authorization is required.
• The event organizer reserves the right to remove from the venue anyone who causes any disturbance or disrupts the good progress of the event.