Conference sessions, including programs for dentists, physicians, and manufacturers, are delivered by industry experts who share insight into commercial 3D printing applications and demonstrate the latest developments in printers and services.

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3D Criar operates in the professional desktop 3D printer segment, distributing the world’s leading brands in Brazil, with local warranty and technical support. It carries the widest range of technologies available from a single company: FFF/FDM, SLA, DLP and polymer SLS, as well as high performance 3D printing materials such as HTPLA, Taulman 645 Nylon and biocompatible resins. 3D Criar investigates applications and helps industry, health and education sector customers develop the customized 3D printing workflow, and supplies 3D printing service bureaus with special technologies to provide higher added value.

As a Brazilian company, 3D Procer is attuned to global 3D printing market trends and aims to offer the lastes technological innovations. Committed to the product quality customer service, 3D Procer manufactures printers and filaments. In this edition of Inside 3D Printing, it will bring new releases along with its current product mix.

Starting in 1984, the Alcateia Group was a pioneering company trading on computer and electronic products and solutions in Brazil and Latin America. Now with more than 200 staff and a 12,000-client base, from corporations to integrators, from retailers to service providers, the São Paulo-based distributor carries more than 50 brands, including world famous staples such as Intel, Cisco, MakerBot, Wacom, HPE, Seagate, Sony, LG, D-link, Acer, Epson, Asus, TP-Link, Eaton, AMD and WD.

AMS started in Joinville, in the South of Brazil, in 1999 as the exclusive representative of CHIRON and EOS, two brands specializing in machining centers and machinery for additive manufacturing by laser sintering, and internationally regarded references in evolution, performance and dynamism. AMS provides special engineering services, ensuring quality, providing satisfaction and safety, and adding competitive edge to its customers.

The Dutch-made dddrop printers have been elegantly designed along with additive manufacturing users for 15 years. They are printers between the desktop and industrial market, but with desktop size. Easy-to-handle, with cell phone remote control, print speed and accuracy, small series printing, automatic filament exchange, printing with 2 different types of materials or 2 colors and complex assemblies with water soluble carrier materials such as PVA and PVA Plus. They are machines that have already won Europe and are distributed all over the world. In Brazil they were successfully tested at Insper Institute of São Paulo and have already gained the trust of companies and universities such as Electrolux, Arcelor Mittal, USP Poli, Unimep, among others. In 2019's Inside 3D Printing, visitors will be able to see the new dddrop model from EVO TWIN - the evolution in professional 3D printer with unique features. COME CHECK!

Operating in the market since September 2014, E.TECH BRASIL is responsible for the distribution and opening of sales channels for 3DCloner printers, always looking for the best products to satisfy the needs of its customers and partners, thus providing for companies of the most the expected growth, reaching their expectations and leveraging new business. E.TECH BRASIL presents new solutions and is ready to meet the demands of the Market.

GTMax3D started its activities in 1997 and since then has been developing and manufacturing high precision electronic equipment. We are a leader in the 3D printer market, distributing 100% national and reliable equipment. We offer, 3D Printers, 3D Filaments, Softwares, Training and Accessories. We have resellers all over Brazil, we have know-how to serve all national territory, from large industries to small businesses and individuals. GTMax3D, your solution in 3D printing.

MBRAUN has over 40 years experience manufacturing inert glove box solutions for clean environments. Our core market segments include between other applications, additive manufacturing, with glove box to save and manipulate reactive materials. Also, it's possible to integrate additive manufacturing equipment, to work directly under inert atmosphere (< 1ppm O2 and H2O), providing a safety environment for operators and samples. There are standard and customized workstations to attend any demand according to the application and customer needs.

Local technical support all over the world, including Brazil and South America.

Materialise provides software solutions and 3D printing services for a variety of industries, enabling companies to build innovative applications that make the world a better and healthier place.


Flashforge and Oderço Distribuidora

Brand comes to revolutionize the Maker movement in Brazil.

Flashforge, founded in 2011, is a concept in the manufacture of 3D printers. Sales leader at Amazon USA for 3 consecutive years as well as winning the IF Design Award.

The company has its own software with more than 4.5mi users, and now expands its market when arriving in Brazil with 3D printers, filaments, assistance and local support.

In Brazil, in partnership with Oderço Distribuidora, Flashforge brings printers with competitive prices, ANATEL certifications and with almost all the models offered out there: Flashforge Finder, Creator Pro, Dreamer, Dreamer NX, Inventor, Guider II and Guider IIs.

The warranty and maintenance will be fully offered by Oderço Distribuidora, as well as necessary parts and components.


Specialized in technological solutions and focusing on the development of innovative electronic products, Sethi3D, Sethi has been in the market for 15-plus years. With its Sethi3D brand, it is dedicated today to developing, researching and manufacturing high performance 3D printers, while adhering to strict, high quality standards and using the best parts of the market. Sethi3D uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the user with the best 3D printing experience.


Located in Piracicaba Interior of São Paulo, Top Ink operates since 1998 in the market for supplies, sales and maintenance of printers. In 2016 Top Ink began a partnership with Tevo, a manufacturer of 3D printers, creating a specialized subdivision of 3D printers.

Offering the most amazing 3D printing technologies and the best global brands, UP3D is recognized for the excellent quality of its products. Founded in 2002 by experts in additive manufacturing and reverse engineering, it also has all the technological infrastructure and innovative know-how to supply services to a wide range of businesses. In this year’s i3D printing, UP3D introduces its exclusive representation of Raise 3D, which delivers top quality, industrial-scale printing in enviable volumes. UP3D also brings EinScan desktop scanners and handheld scanners for objects of up to 4m in size –for applications ranging from dentistry to automotive, from reverse engineering to product virtualization and more.

Guangdong Shunde Ultralline 3D Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional 3D printing filament manufacturer. We have numerous equipments and specialized abilities that facilitate our plastics modification and filament production.



Finding information on the internet about 3D printing is a bit tricky today, as it is scattered too widely. The 3D Geek Show channel started in late 2016 meaning to centralize information and make it available to people who have little or no knowledge on 3D printing. The subjects are treated clearly and objectively – and humorously, as most of the time the subjects they are quite dull. The channel contains tips, tutorials, reviews, unboxing and very good humor.