Lista de expositores

13D Criar

3D Crear is an innovative and pioneering company providing 3D printing solutions in Brazil. We distribute the most prestigious 3d printer brands in the world, with a complete portfolio of technologies such as FDM, DLP, SLA and SLS for professional, academic, industrial or personal use. The support and technical assistance is the great differential of 3D Crear, which counts on a team of engineers and designers to serve all the clients, as well as to develop projects and prototypes, to implement Fab Labs and Spaces Maker.

23D Procer

3D Procer is a national company focusing on worldwide trends in the 3D printing market, which aims to offer the most innovative and technological. Committed to the quality of its products and customer service, the company has its own production of its machines and filaments and in this edition of 3D Inside Printing will bring in addition to its current mix of products, launches and incredible news. 3D Procer is a national company focused on global trends in the 3D printing market, which aims to offer the most innovative and technological products. Committed to quality and customer service, the company has its own production of 3D printers and filaments and will bring to the 3D Printing Conference and Expo its current product mix, launches and incredible news.


Founded in 1984, Grupo Alcateia is a pioneer in the distribution of computer and electronic products and solutions in Brazil and Latin America. With more than 200 employees and over 12,000 customers, a São Paulo distributor operates in the corporate, retail, integrator and service provider segments. A distributor company with more than 50 brands, with worldwide solutions such as Intel, Cisco, MakerBot, Wacom, HPE, Seagate, Sony, LG, D-link, Acer, Epson, Asus, TP-Link, Eaton, AMD, WD among other things.

4Colen Industrial

For more than 30 years we have been working in the Brazilian Jewelery market, always concerned with offering the best technologies available in the international market for our clients. In recent years the company has concentrated efforts to bring these technologies to other markets, especially to companies in need of 3D printing solutions. We are Distributors of 3D printers from EnvisionTEC, a German company, highly regarded in the development of high quality 3D printers, precision, resolution and prototype production capacity. In this way, our work has now extended to 3D printing solutions to other markets that require additive manufacturing, such as companies in the dental area, industries in the hearing aid manufacturing sector, metalworking sector, medical area, among others. So many differentials, allied to a partnership and transparency relationship with our customers, allow us to attend with excellence companies from all sizes and sectors of Brazil that need 3D printing technology. All of this, because Colen, more than importing what your business needs, cares about you.

5Fast Parts

With almost two decades providing prototypes in Brazil, Fastparts has several rapid prototyping technologies having as highlight Laser Sintering, which uses the raw material Polyamide with or without fiber. It also has Abs Deposition with filaments that print parts with any geometry, Numerical Command Machines for the manufacture of prototype molds, Reverse Engineering and Dimensional Control of German technology for the development of digital models.


GRAVAPLAST was founded in 1995 in the construction of printing equipment for continuous products. Accompanying the development of new technologies. today incorporates in our line 3D printers and technical filaments for 3D printing. We offer state-of-the-art equipment provided by Perfilpolimer. Renowned company in the construction of equipment for extrusion. In this project in particular created a line of extrusion the qualification confers an excellent precision without extruded filament calibrated under vacuum. Thanks to the incorporation of laser measuring features, controlled cooling among other features. This extrusion line is capable of processing most of the engineering materials available without market beyond ABS, PLA, PETG, TPU prices. In the colors white, yellow, gray, black, red, blue, wood, conductive among others.
We have the capacity and technology to provide filaments with incorporated fibers such as: wood, metals, fiberglass and carbon among others. We are looking for new business partners and representatives.


The CoreAB series of GTMax3D is made up of high performance, speed and reliability printers. All have a closed chamber allowing the printing of large pieces even in ABS, without cracking problems. They also have exclusive features such as end-of-filament detection with semi-automatic exchange without losing the impression, allowing the total use of the inputs. With 400mm / s movement speed and 120mm / s printing, it allows half-time prints of similar on the market. Currently the series has the models CoreAB 300 with printing volume of 300x300x300mm and CoreAB 400 with 400x400x400mm.


Specializing in technology solutions, focused on the development of innovative electronic products, Sethi has been in the market for more than 15 years. Today, through its Sethi3D brand, it is dedicated to the development, research and manufacture of high performance 3D printers, always maintaining a high standard of quality, using in its printers the best of the market. Sethi3D uses state-of-the-art technology in its products to provide the user with the best 3D printing experience.


A UP3D oferecendo o mercado como mais renomadas tecnologias e semper como melhores marcas mundiais, sendo reconhecida pela sua excelente qualidade de produtos como impressoras 3D, filamentos especiais e scanners 3D. A UP3D foi fundada em 2002 com conhecimento contínuo em manufatura aditiva e engenharia reversa. A empresa também atua com a prestação de serviços de impressão 3D e possui toda a infraestrutura e know-how para atender os mercados mais vendidos com seus produtos oferecendo o melhor em tecnologia e inovação. Nesta edição do evento, um UP3D traz como novidade, uma representação exclusiva da renomada empresa Raise 3D, com uma qualidade de impressão superior e volume invejável. A Raise 3D chega ao Brasil para satisfazer clientes profissionais exigentes do mercado industrial. A UP3D também traz na edição de 2018 os Scanners 3D da liha EinScan com excelente custo x benefício. Com scanners dinâmicos para até 4 metros e de mesa, são uma excelente opção para aplicações nas áreas de odontologia, engenharia reversa, automobilística, artes, virtualização de produtos e muito mais.