Alex Borro

Alex Wilson Valentini Borro

Embedded Software Engineer (GTMax3D’s guest)

With a degree in Mechatronics Engineering from Unicamp, Borro has developed mobile software at Motorola, injection electronic software for Otto cycle engines at Bosch, and embedded software for additive manufacturing at 3M.


André Guerreiro Jr.

Director at Rede Fab Lab Brasil

​As an Electrical Engineer, Guerreiro has worked for the electronics industry and with IT hardware. He directs DuploLab, a division of the DobleJ group which serves the academic market, Fab Labs and makerspaces. He directs Garagem Fab Lab, the first private Fab Lab in Brazil, coordinates marketing and events for the Brazilian Fab Lab Network, and works in the development and expansion of the maker movement in Brazil. As an additive technologies specialist, he has designed DLP UV printers and does research on resin printing technology.


Anita Dedding

Manager of ABIMAQ’s Technology and Innovation Division

As a Master in Mechanical Engineering from UNICAMP, a Coordinator of the Special Study Committee on Additive Manufacturing - ABNT / CEE-261, Division Manager at ABIMAQ and Executive Secretary at IPDMAQ, Dedding works together with industrial companies to promote investments in technology and innovation projects, currently focusing on Industry 4.0. She is an under- and post-graduation professor of design and engineering at Paulista University, São Judas Tadeu University, Oswaldo Cruz College and Senac, and worked for 13 years at IPT São Paulo as Standardization Manager and 11 years at FIESP as Technology Manager.


Dr. Bruno de Castro Ferreira Barreto

Materialise’s Business Developer for Biomedical Engineering

He holds a bachelor's degree in Dentistry from UFU, a Master's Degree in Dental Clinic from UFU, a Doctorate in Dental Clinic from UNICAMP, a Post-Doctorate in Biomechanics - KULeuven - Belgium, Fellow of KUL (Belgium), King's College (London) and CTI Renato Archer . He is currently Business Developer for Biomedical Engineering at Materialise Brazil - Mimics Innovation Suite / Mimics Care Suite.


Celso Luis Placeres

Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Volkswagen South America

With a a degree in Mechanical Engineering from FEI, specializing in Strategic Business Vision at FGV, Placeres has done various extension courses: Project Management at George Washington University; Junior Group Executive at VW Germany, focusing on project management and problem solving; Skills, Tools and Competences at FDC/Kellogg in Chicago; and Finance for Engineers at the University of Chicago. His operational and strategic activities include his continued work to install and modernize production processes at Volkswagen’s plants in South America since 1985, and an unceasing effort to innovate and implement new productive technologies.


Daniel Huamani

Director of Technology at 3D Create

A mechanical engineer and additive manufacturing technologies specialist, Huamani’s work at 3D Create involves identifying high-value uses for high-performance machines and materials to fix problems and create new solutions for several industry sectors.


Edson Ferreira da Silva

CEO of Gravaplast 3D

A chemist and a plastics specialist, and a lecturer on extrusion, machinery and equipment, Silva has 26 years’ experience at Perfilpolimer, building extrusion machines, equipment and peripherals, a partner of Rigo Suisse in the large part thermoforming. He owns Gravaplast, which manufactures filaments for 3D printing.


Emanuel Campos

Manufacturing Specialist 4.0 at Alcateia

As a mechanical technologist (Fatec), with training on Marketing Management (Uninove) and IT (Claretian), Campos has been active in 3D printing since 2000, and works in several related technologies, such as 3D scanning, digitizing, mobile devices and IoT. He has implemented several additive manufacturing projects throughout the country and currently works in STEM / STEAM education.


Felipe Marques

CEO of BioArchitects

With an Economic Sciences degree from Insper University, Marques is a founding partner of BioArchitects, a healthcare development startup. He specializes in technology for customized implants, 3D printing surgical planning models and training, and augmented reality glasses


Gilson da Silva Domingues

Lecturer at the São Paulo’s Fine Arts University Center

With a Master’s degree from UNESP, Domingues is a member of Stanford’s Fablearn Fellows, dedicated to the use of new technologies in education, especially digital fabrication machines. As a lecturer on Product Design, Architecture, Graphic Design, Social Communication and Animation at the Fine Arts Center, he focuses on the development of prototypes of interactive products, ecodesign and IoT, by using various resources and techniques, such as construction of structures, mechanisms and pre-programmed electronic circuits.


Prof. Dr. Guto Marinho

Lecturer at Santa Marcelina School

With a Master’s degree in Automotive Engineering from POLI/USP and an Industrial Design degree from FAAP, with a qualification in Product Design, Marinho’s PhD degree from FAU/USP covered footwear design, emphasising ergonomics, biomechanics, modeling and simulation for performance analysis, and 3D Printing. A University Lecturer for 20 years on Fashion Design at FASM, he advises graduation work on fashion accessories, and is also active works as a consultant on 3D design and production engineering of footwear and jewelry.


Jackson Rodrigo Signor

Technical Consultant at Dental Factory

A Mechatronics engineer, 3D printing specialist, owner of Doc-X Radiological Lab, and a consultant at Dental Factory, Signor has more than 20 years’ experience in orthodontic models and is a pioneer in the use of scanners in dentistry.


Janaina de Andréa Dernowsek

Postdoctoral fellow at CTI Renato Archer

With a Biological Sciences degree from UNESP, a MSc and a PhD in Genetics from USP-RP, with research on molecular and cellular behavior of adult stem cells, Dernowsek is currently a postdoctoral researcher on 3D printing, biofabrication, 3D bioprinting of tissues, modeling and complex systems simulation at the Renato Archer Information Technology Center. In 2013, she undertook an additional degree course in Control Engineering and Automation, seeking new integrated knowledge in emerging fields such as Biofabrication. She has experience in 3D printing and tissue engineering, in technical-scientific collaborations between universities, hospitals and research centers. She runs the website http://www.biofabricacao.com and provides digital content on science and technology.


Klaus Gargitter

Operations Manager at Monster Filamentos

A Materials Engineer with more than 20 years’ experience in product development and application engineering in the petrochemical industry, in companies such as Braskem and Borouge, Gargitter is currently Operations Manager at Monster Filamentos.


Marcelo Pasqua da Costa

Creative Director and Sculptor at La Matta TC and 3D Procer

Artist Marcelo Pasqua explores the virtual world and 3D printing as inspiration with works already exhibited at the Florianópolis Design Biennial. In recent years he worked with large market clients who are starting to use 3D printers for their projects. With commercial work for Riot Games, Coca Cola, Chanel and Del Valle, Pasqua is a pioneer in projects that combine digital creation and 3D printing processes.


Octávio Camargo Schichi

Digital Metal Business Development Engineer

Graduated in Materials Engineering from USP São Paulo, he has worked at Höganäs since 2015 and is responsible for Digital Metal® in South America, as well as for the development of application of Höganäs metallic powders in the most diverse additive manufacturing technologies. He also accumulates experience in the commercial and project management areas of Plastic Omnium, in addition to researching titanium alloys processed through powder metallurgy and ceramic coatings by the Institute of Aeronautics and Space of the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (IAE- DCTA).


Rodrigo Patrício de Arruda

Lecturer at Insper

PhD in Production Systems Engineering (UFRGS), Master in Materials Engineering (PUCRS), Graduate in Control Engineering and Automation (PUCRS). He worked in the metal-mechanics and electronics industry developing products, prototypes and manufacturing processes. Has experience in industrial consulting (Produttare). He is currently teaching in the areas of Materials and Mechanical Manufacturing in Insper / SP Engineering. As a member of the NDEs of the engineering courses, work to improve the experience of using with technologies, PBL and with active prototyping of the students in the laboratories of InsLab FabLab and TechLab.


Valmir Fleischmann

Director of Engineering at VirtualCAE

With Mechanical Engineering degree from UDESC and an MBA in Business Management from FGV, Fleischmann was a Development Engineer at EMBRACO in 2001, a Visiting Researcher at TU Bergakademie Freiberg in 2002, and a Technical Support Manager at ESSS in 2005. With more than 15 years’ experience in structural simulation and product development, he is currently a founding partner of VirtualCAE.