June 11th

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Industry 4.0 at Volkswagen

Keynote Speaker: Celso Luis Placeres, Director of Volkswagen do Brasil

Industry 4.0 or Advanced Manufacturing as Americans are influencing industries to research forms of self-management and full interconnection of information, to look for new forms of process that enable the maximum customization of their products as well as to lead these industries to evaluate the better ways to connect production and logistics information. In this context, the lecture aims to present clearly the applicability of Industry 4.0 in Volkswagen, detailing the use of important tools such as Digital Factory, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing among others.

Revolution in medical devices: how 3D printing is revolutionizing the industry with biocompatible materials.

Daniel Huamani, 3D Criar

As the possibilities of 3D desktop printing are contributing to a revolution in the developments processes in the medical sector. Understand in this lecture the opportunities with high quality equipment and biocompatible materials in a case study of Hospital das Clínicas.

Classroom technology

Emanuel Campos, Alcateia

Like the use of technology in the classroom, according to the STEM / STEAM methodology, they not only engage students better but also better prepare them for the 4.0 industry and the industry of tomorrow.

How to train engineers for the design revolution to manufacture?

Alex Camilli Bottene, Insper

The new manufacturing and design digitizing technologies provide engineers with the ability to develop robust and innovative products in an agile and customized way. However, we still have the greatest concentration of effort in adapting the "traditional" mindset to these new possibilities. The greatest potential can be achieved when the solid foundation of basic knowledge comprises this new manufacturing model. This reality was observed and mitigated with the engineering curriculum developed by INSPER, with the goal of training the next engineers of this revolution in progress. The first results, reflections of the approaches and evaluation of the proposed results are represented in this plenary, aiming to enhance the strategic formation in this great area of knowledge.

3D printing applied to manufacturing

Alex Wilson Valentini Borro, GTMax3D

Leaving prototyping and entering manufacturing, see how to apply 3D printing in the industrialization of equipment, reducing costs, time and making products viable.

The revolution of 3D printing in the medical field

Dr. Bruno de Castro Ferreira Barreto, Materialise

Faced with the emergence of complex surgical cases and the great diversity of treatments available in medicine, the surgeon is often challenged to make decisions without having a full understanding of the scenario in which they are dealing. With this, 3D printing has grown considerably in the medical field and has been widely used in case studies, planning of surgical interventions, training of complex procedures, and generation of patient-specific devices. The use of anatomical models from patient images has been the current focus in world medicine, bringing a new perspective on treatments, helping professionals to make more assertive decisions, and increasing the predictability of results.

Erre much, but cheap and fast to create better: 3D printing as accelerator of the prototyping process

Gilson da Silva Domingues, Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo

A prototype has in essence 3 attributes that are closely linked to the ideas and imagination of the author: Communicates, tests and allows the improvement of ideas. In order to exemplify, the presentation includes the presentation of the case of the construction of a small electric car by students of the course of product design of the Centro Universitário Belas Artes using 3D printing techniques.​

3D printing and virtual reality art market

Marcelo Pasqua da Costa, La Matta TV e 3D Procer

Showcase of leading projects involving 3D printing and major brands in the gaming market to national and international jewelers. Also will be presented a 3D sculpture project using VR virtual reality and 3D printing.

Medical applications of 3D printing

Felipe Marques, BioArchitects

As advances in 3D technology are impacting medicine and its practical applications.

André Guerreiro Junior, Rede Fab Lab Brasil